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January  10th, 2022


We are excited to announce that for 2022 an agreement has been reached between EFRA the governing body of radio-controlled car racing in in Europe, and RCGP the first and only multi race professional championship series for 1:8th off-road RC

EFRA and RCGP will cooperate to promote Scale Motorsports, as well as work to continue to develop and innovate RC Racing in an effort to grow our sport in an era when it faces more competition than ever.

For 2022 RCGP’s European rounds will be recognized by EFRA as “Promotional Events” for the work they do in growing our sport. Additionally, both organisations will promote each other’s events in the class of 1:8th off-road RC

More details will be announced via social media.

Javier Garcia, EFRA President

‘EFRA has a rich and important legacy established by our member federations over many decades. As we work with the national federations across Europe and IFMAR around the world, we continue to bring people together, and new partnerships can provide some great opportunities. In our Development Plan we committed to be open to work with organisers across RC Motorsport Europe and this is a fantastic step. Its great work with innovative and forward-thinking organizations like RCGP who are working to push forward our sport’. 

David Isherwood, RCGP Director

‘RCGP is pleased to be partnering with EFRA for 2022. Scale Motorsports is a small industry, and we must stick together. EFRA provides a foundation alongside national federations to support to our amazing hobby. Additionally, EFRA are the key to helping to build the professional side of our sport through partnerships with brands and organizations both inside and outside of the industry’. 

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