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Head QuartersSwitzerland
Team ManagerPhilippe Neidhart
Team EngineerTorrance DeGuzman
RCGP Championships0
RCGP Wins0
Pole Positions3
Top Qualifiers0

Team HB Racing – Performa

David grew up in Sweden, and showed great talent early on. He built up his career step by step, and has now won both major international races, as well as European and World Championships.
He is a very solid racer, and a safe bet for a podium, even when things don’t go exactly his way.
I choose number 7 since Beckham was number 7 playing for Manchester United back when I was watching the games being very young. Later on that became my number playing floorball growing up. Other number “7s” I have followed and taken inspiration from is James “Bubba” Stewart and Kimi Raikkonen. So it was clear that I would pick lucky 7 even for RCGP