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After a dominant start to the inaugural season of the RCGP World Series, CommSportMx/Scuderia Scampi Rosso’s Davide Ongaro has given his own account of his successes in the opening rounds, as he begins to look forward to the next round of the championship in Asti, Italy.

Having taken two commanding victories in Manila, Ongaro then went on to repeat the feat in Austria – despite facing stiff competition for victory from newcomer Marco Baruffolo – firmly cementing his position at the top of the standings. He now holds a 50 point lead in the Drivers’ standings over HB/Performa’s David Ronnefalk, with his victories also giving the CommSportMx team a healthy 33 point advantage in the Team standings.

“The Philippines was a great event for us, the heat was really high, like 45 degrees – but all worked perfect in Round 1&2″ said Ongaro, looking back on the first weekend of racing.”

“From the Philippines to Austria we changed a lot on car set up because the weather was different, but also the surface and type of track style was different”, speaking of the different challenges presented by the WMW Fehring circuit.”

Ongaro’s victory on the Saturday in Austria was a hard fought one however, as Marco Baruffolo, a fresh face to the championship for the weekend in Fehring, was able to take the win in second Final from Ongaro, preventing a clean sweep for the young Italian.

“There Marco was fast but for me it was a race just to take good points!”

“Fortunately in both Round 3 & 4 we found a good set up and all went perfect”

Remaining level headed approaching the third weekend of the series in Italy – his home round of the championship – Ongaro’s focus remains on simply performing well and scoring points, hoping to deliver “Good results”.

With the extra support of home fans, and the aid of track time at Asti for an Italian national outing, all eyes will be on the young star to deliver impressive results yet again at his home event.

By Felix Rigby